Production and Technology

Our production covers an area of 3,500 square meters and is divided into five departments:

WAREHOUSE raw material: All raw materials purchased are certified and of European origin, stored in an environment at a temperature of 20 ± 5°C, a relative humidity of 45 ± 5% and a dark storage is recommended.

PRODUCTION: experienced operators, look after the production of standard and personalized self-adhesive labels, using the latest generation machines. Self-adhesive labels are made in flexo, which is a direct rotating printing method that uses relief plates of photopolymeric materials.

The features of flexographic printing are: easy starting machine; speed of production which makes the costs- of the products much lower Labels can be produced in the most various formats and printed up to 5 colors.

TECHNOLOGY / RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: in this department, many ideas arise to provide innovative solutions and projects to all of our customers.

With the latest technology, we design and test new self-adhesive products. The update of the machines takes place periodically depending on the needs of the market. VBR is always looking for efficiency and automation, paying attention to the environment.

Thanks to the wide range of labels on the market, VBR has developed a remarkable sensitivity to innovation in terms of Research and Development; knowing how to provide great service to the customers by combining the innovation of suppliers of raw materials with those of printing machines.

GRAPHIC DEPARTMENT: Experienced operators are involved in maintaining and updating all clichés and technical documentation of all our products. For each new personalized label we operate internally, the graphic files with drafts, proofs, and prints.

 CONTROL AND QUALITY / SHIPMENT: All the self-adhesive production is controlled by specialized operators through inspection tables and by using cct cameras to check if everything is in compliance with the rules. After the tests have been completed, the product is ready for shipment.