European Union bans the use of Bisphenol A from 2020

October 18, 2017

The issue of bisphenols in thermal self-adhesive paper has experienced a huge hike during the last few years, thanks mainly to the publication in France of important scientific studies that would show a negative impact especially in pregnant women and their fetuses.

After a careful analysis, the European Union came to the conclusion of eliminating this substance from the chemical formula of thermal paper; in fact, the RAC (Risk Assessment Committee of the European Chemicals Agency) has preferred to raise the guard to protect workers who are on a daily basis in direct contact with this product.

The changes made to Annex XVII of the Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council referring to the Bisphenol A for all it concerns the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction (REACH) are listed in the Regulation of the European Commission with the full text G.U.U.E. reg. 2016: 2235 of 12.12.2016 (see Italian version).

Basically, the new Regulation prohibits the introduction of bisphenols on the market of thermal self-adhesive paper with a concentration equal or greater than 0.02%.

At the moment, the eco-thermal paper used in labels contains 4.4% and therefore it will no longer comply with this Regulation, from January 2, 2020.

In such regard, to overcome this problem, VBR is already able to provide a completely Bisphenol-free label.

We remind you that the EU Regulation 2016/2235 (see attachment), modifying an annex of the EC Regulation n. 1907/2006, provides that from 3 January 2020 the marketing of thermal paper with a concentration of Bisphenol A equal to or greater than 0.02% by weight will no longer be permitted.